Established in 1989, Henriques Duque, Lda ia a company dedicated to working with porcelain and has been developing the photo-porcelain/photo-ceramics area since 2004, creating HD – Digital Ceramic.

Located in Caldas da Rainha, HD – Digital Ceramic had been perfecting that which had always been its main area of expertise: porcelain, in

association with image processing and printing, creating high quality durable pieces.

Our production system allows us to produce our final product in a fast, effective and reliable way.

Our highly qualified image processing (printed in ceramics) team aims to present the bets possible result, always depending on the original’s quality. We

have at our disposal the best and most advanced technical means and equipment and are continuously updating which allows us to offer our TOTAL LIFETIME WARRANTY. The colour will not fade and the ceramics do not diminish in quality.